• Spanish 2180 Composition and Conversation (4 college credits for semester course)
    I.  Catalog Description
        A thorough analysis of the language.  Intensive discussion of grammar, usage, style and vocabulary, enhancing expression through composition, oral reports and class discussions and conversations.  Prerequisite: Spanish 2010 or equivalent, or instructor consent.   Lecture/recitation/laboratory.  Upper-level course.  Essential for Spanish majors who plan to take upper-level language and literature studies.
    II.  Course Goals
         To help students
                A.  Become sensitive to some of the issues and problems of contemporary life in Spanish-speaking countries. 
                B.  Increase active and passive vocabularies.
                C.  Develop an ability to communicate on topics of general interest, both orally and in writing.
                D.  Improve ability to understand conversational Spanish.
                E.  Develop a deeper interest in Spanish and the Spanish language.
                F.  Strengthen knowledge of Spanish grammar.
                G.  Read modern Spanish prose.
    III.     Method of Delivery
             We meet 5 days a week for 40 minutes each meeting.  During any given class you participate in several activities that help achieve the goals mentioned above.  In addition to these meetings, you wil work in the language laboratory each week.
    IV.     Grading
             The grade you earn a thte end of the semester reflects your class average:  93-100=A;  90-92= A-;  87-89= B+;  83-86= B;   80-82= B-;  77-79= C+;  70-76= C;  60-69=D; and 0-50= F.
     V.  Attendance
          I order to learn Spanish, regular practice is necessary.  Therefore, you should attend all classes and participate in them.  Besides helping you learn, your attendance wil also help me and your fellow students.  When we can count on each other's work we create a class spirit that leads to fun and greater learning.
         To kepp up with the material, you must make up any absences- usually an extra written exercise.  To receive credit on the written exercise, you must do it at least 80% correctly.    On the day you return from an absence, see me to receive your assignment and its due date.  One and a half points will be deducted from your class grade for any absences that you fail to make up. 
    VI.   Texts
            En Contacto, seventh ed., Jarvis et. al.; Houghton Mifflin
            Accompanying Workbook to En Contacto
            Aventuras Literarias, Jarvis et.al.; Houghton Mifflin
    VII.  Oral Reports