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In accordance with Education Law 3012-c(10)(c) the Canaseraga Central School District will make available to Parents or Legal Guardians your child’s current Teacher’s Final Rating and Composite Effectiveness score beginning October 18, 2013. You must make this request to the Building Principal and will be required to come to the school for a brief meeting.

Parent support for the Common Core Learning Standards can be found at:
CCS Mission Statement 
The Canaseraga Central School District believes that the primary purpose of an effective school is teaching for learning. We believe that our responsibility is to provide all students with an opportunity to learn, achieve, and become responsible, productive members of society. 
Dignity for All Students Act 
If you wish to report an incident or a series of incidents of harassment,  please click here and complete this form
Otherwise, you may report this to the Dignity Act coordinator, Mr. Dan Bishop, as soon as possible so the district can investigate and take the appropriate steps to resolve the incident.