Canaseraga Central School District

Proud Home of the Indians!

Teaching for learning.

Modified Soccer 2015
 Coach: Melissa Thompson 
9th Grade: Roy Capwell (Cpt.)                   8th Grade: Hannah Bacon                           7th Grade: Jordyn Hall 
                  Marygrace Shay                                       Jonas Baker                                               Ambrea Hartson
                                                                                   Taylor Hoffman                                          Regan Kenyon
                                                                                   Mckenzie Lohmer                                        Nick Morris Jr.
                                                                                   David McIntosh                                          Wyatt Owens
                                                                                   Ryan Reynolds (Cpt.)                                   Dakota Pierce
                                                                                                                                                     Malia Ras (Cpt.)
                                                                                                                                                     Joel Scott
                                                                                                                       Noah Sleight 
You can find this schedule and receive updates through the website This link will be on the school website but the schedule will not be.  You will have to go to this site to see the schedule.


1.       Go to this website

2.       On the right of the screen under “School Calendars” click on Canaseraga

3.       Then you will come to the “Canaseraga Central” Schedules page

4.       To find a game/schedule:

a.        You can either go through date by date using the arrow to either side of “Today”

b.       Or you can go over to the right of the screen under “View Schedules” and pick the team you want to see the schedule for,  “Soccer – Boys Modified” (which is the only one right now but all schedules for all CCS teams will go on this site)

c.        When you have clicked on the team(s) you want the schedule for then click “View” and it should pop up in a new screen.

5.       To get reminders/notified of updates to a schedule, or multiple schedules:

a.        Be on the main “Canaseraga Central” Schedules page

b.       In the upper right hand corner you will see “Notify Me”, click that

c.        On the next screen you will see all the teams that we may have, you can click one or all that you would like to be notified about, then click “Continue”

d.       Next you can set a time before the event to receive a reminder and whether you want to receive notification of changes, make sure that box is checked and then click “Continue”

e.       On the last screen is where you will have to put in your information

                                                               i.      Name

                                                              ii.      E-mail or e-mails you want notifications sent to

                                                            iii.      Password

                                                            iv.      Cell number – only if you want text notifications

f.         When done click “Save Setting” and you will be all set to receive notification reminders of when games are and notifications if there are any changes to the schedule!!

g.        Remember your password and you can go back in at any time to change your settings or teams you want to receive notifications for

                                                               i.      After you click “Notify Me” in the upper right hand corner

                                                              ii.      Click “Returning user log in here”, you will need the e-mail and password you put in when you set it up.