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Degrees and Certifications:

AAS in Developmental Disabilities Teacher Assistant Degree

Mrs. Tracy Scott

I am a Teacher Assistant who has been an employee at CCS since 1994. I have worked mainly in special education during the course of my time here. I currently provide intervention for our primary students in the Response to Intervention Program as well as push into classrooms to assist with Math and ELA. I have a strong connection to our school not only as a employee, but as well as an alumini and a community member.

I believe ALL students have the ability to learn if given the opportunity. When working with our students, I try to make each of them feel they have the capability to accomplish anything if they work real hard at it. I try to instill in them a love for learning and the desire to want to learn more. My main objective in my job is our students. I only want to help them achieve their goals and give them the tools to become well rounded citizens in the world. Since I work mainly with primary and elementary, I can only hope that I have in some way, helped set a foundation for them to build upon as they grow older and move forward.