The C.C.S. Holiday Concert will be this

    THURSDAY, DECEMBER 9 at 6:00 pm

    (In the large gymnasium)



    STUDENTS: Enter through side doors (firehall side).


    5:15 pm - 5-12 Band (woodwinds and brass players) - In the band room, dressed and ready to tune/warm up.   *Be sure to have your instruments and books/music.  


    5:30 pm - 4-12 Grade Choirs - In the chorus room dressed & ready to warm up.


    5:40 pm - 5-12 Band (percussion) - In the band room dressed and ready to play.   *Be sure to have your sticks/mallets/books/music.  

    Concert order: 4-6 Grade Chorus, 7-12 Grade Chorus, 5/6 Grade Band, 7-12 Grade Band


    GUESTS: Enter through back doors near large gym (bus garage area)

    *Please Note - All guests and students must wear a mask at all times.  Please social distance.


    *Band and Chorus students will have designated seats before their performance.    

           PLEASE NOTE:  Your child should sit with you after their performance.  


    Concert Attire  

    Girls – All Black/ dresses, slacks, blouses, shoes (colored scarves/accessories are welcomed :-)

    Boys – All Black /Dress shirts, pants, shoes (colored ties are welcomed : -)

                      *Please: No sneakers, shirts with logos/pictures or jeans, if possible


    If you are having problems getting an outfit for your child or have any 

    question/concerns, please email me ASAP.  


    FYI - The phone system at school is not working properly….

    we are unable to retrieve messages on the phone.  Please email us.


    Thanks for supporting your child and the CCS Music Department!


    Miss Glick ~ sglick@ccsdny.org   

    Mrs. O’Donnell ~ wodonnell@ccsdny.org