• Canaseraga Central School District

    Contact Information

    This chart is provided to help parents and community members communicate concerns within our school district. Please contact the appropriate staff member to convey your questions or comments. The District Phone number is 607-545-6421. Please dial this number and then the appropriate extension.

Topic First Contact Second Contact
Student's academic progress in classroom Classroom Teacher Building Principal, ext 105
School Calendar Main Office, ext. 105 Building Principal, ext 105
Transportation Transportation, ext. 245 District Office, ext.. 100
Student Attendance School Nurse, ext. 106 Main Office, ext. 105
School Lunch Cafeteria Manager, ext 107 Business Office, ext 100
Athletic Program Coach of sport Athletic Director
Special Education Services CSE Office, ext 116 Principal, ext 105
Guidance, Scheduling, Counseling Guidance Office, ext. 112 Principal, ext 105
Board of Education Policy Principal, ext. 105 Superintendent, ext. 100
Facilities Use Request Main Office, ext 105 Superintendent, ext, 100
Extra Curricular Activities or Clubs Class/Club Advisor Principal, ext 105
Notification to school personnel of any "out-of-school" event that may affect your child in school Classroom Teacher, School nurse, ext. 106 and Guidance Office, ext 112 Principal, ext 105
Foster Care Point of Contact Chad C. Groff, Superintendent of Schools, ext. 100 cgroff@ccsdny.org