• 1.   All students will come to class on time and be seated promptly.  When I signal that class has begun, all other talking must stop.
    2.  Students must come prepared with a pen or pencil, textbook, workbook and paper.  If you come unprepared three times within one month, you will be required to serve a detention with me from 3:150 4:15.
         If you have lost your book, bring in a note from a parent stating that they are aware of the situation.  You will then be issued another book.  If you do not bring in a note from your parent, everyday that you come without your book will result in one strike towards to "three strike rule".  If you do not find your original book by the end of the year you will then have to pay for it.  If you lose your workbook I do not have any extras to give out.  You will have to borrow mine during class time. 
    3.  Talking to your friends will not be permitted during class time.  Limit your socializing to before and after the bell.
    4.  If you need to use the bathroom, please do so between classes.  Generally, passes will not be issued during class time.  Do not expect passes to go to your locker for homework, books, or other class related items. 
    5.  Unless the class is working on a project or in small groups, you must remain in your seat during class time.   If you need to get up for any reason, please raise your hand and ask permission.
    6.   Notes found being written during class time may be sent home.
    7.  The following behavior will not be tolerated under any circumstances: use of profanity, throwing objects, disrespectfulness towards teacher or classmates, uncooperative behavior, insubordination,.  This behavior may be dealt with in a variety of ways depending on the circumstances and severity of the offense:  detention (24 hour notice), a phone call to parent, student sent to Principal's Office, extra writing assignment (in Spanish).
    8.  You will not be allowed to put your head down on the desk during class.
    9.  If you are schedules to have a music lesson during Spanish class, you MUST report to class first.  You MAY be required to stay in class anywhere from 5-25 minutes depending upon new material being covered, or important items that you need to know.  If an exam or quiz is schedules, you will need to stay until you are finished.  If you fail to report to class prior to a music lesson, you will lose your privilege for that day and be asked to return to Spanish class that period.