• 7th grade syllabus

     We will cover an introductory chapter and chapters 1-6 from the text Y TU Parte Primera.   Following is a brief listing of the topics from each chapter.
       In the introductory chapter, students will learn the following:
    1.  Pronunciation
    2.  Greet people and introduce yourself, using Spanish names
    3.  Spell words, using the Spanish alphabet
    4.  Count from 0-100
    5.  Understand and use common classroom expressions
    6.  Use stragegies that will make learning Spanish easier
    7.  Become aware of the Spanish speaking world and of the importance of learning Spanish
    Chapter 1 Getting to Know Others
    1.  Learn how to talk about likes and dislikes
    2.  Describing people and tell where someone is from.
    3.  Describe things.
    Grammatical structures:  the definite article, the verb ser,  subject pronous, adjectives and agreement of adjectives, conjugation of AR verbs
    Chapter 2 Pastimes and Places
    1.  Talk about what you are going to do
    2.  Talk about going places
    3.  Ask and tell what you want
    4.  Ask for information
    Grammatical structures
    1.  The verb IR
    2.  The contractions AL and DE
    3.  The verb QUERER
    4.  Questions by inversion
    Chapter 3 Feelings
    1.  Identify people and things
    2.  Express emotions and personal conditions
    3.  Tell what you have
    4.  Tell how you feel, what you have to do, and what you feel like doing
    5.  Talk about the weather
    Grammatical structures
    1.  The indefinite article
    2.  The verb ESTAR and adjectives
    3.  The verb TENER
    4.   Special expressions with TENER
    5.  Weather expressions
    Chapter 4 Having and Sharing
    1.  Tell to whom something belongs
    2.  Talk about you relatives
    3.  Discuss things to do
    4.  Give addresses and ask about prices
    Grammatical structures:
    1.  DE phrases
    2.  Possessive adjectives
    3.  AR verbs
    4.  Cardinal numbers 100-1,000
    5.  Ordinal numbers
    Chapter 5 School Life
    1.  Ask and tell the time
    2.  Talk about people
    3.  Talk about things to do
    4.  Tell when you do things
    Grammatical structures
    1.  Expressions of time
    2.  The personal A
    3.  Regular ER verbs and the verb VER
    4.  The days of the week
    Chapter 6 Favorite Foods
    1.  Talk about things you do
    2.  Talk about how you feel
    3.  Talk about what you know
    4.  Talk about likes and dislikes
    Grammatical structures
    1.  IR verbs and irregular ER and IR verbs
    2.  Expressions with TENER
    3.  The verbs saber and conocer
    4.  Verbs like GUSTAR