• Spanish 7 grading for first quarter

       1.)  Vocabulary will determine 35% of the class average.  Quizzes will fall approximately every 2 weeks (less time on easier sections).  Students may re-take one quiz per quarter to raise average.
       2.)  Grammar and miscellaneous quizzes will make up 40% of the average.  These willt est grammar points we have been working with during class and other material covered as needed.  If you are having trouble with grammar of a section you can stay after school with me for extra help or ask one of your class mates to help you during a study hall.
       3.)  Homework will determine 15% of the quarterly average.  You may complete late assignments for HALF credit.  You may double the assignment for full credit if the assignment is late.  Some assignments are not able to be doubled due to their nature (such as questions after a reading for example).
       4.)  Cooperation and participation are very important in a foreign language class.  Ten percent the the avered will be based on cooperation and participation during class.  Everyone is expected to repeat the vocabulary words at the start of each class, contribute druing class, and actively participate in all group activities.