• One Dozen Ways to Learn A Word

    Student activities that can be done at home or learn and review basic sight words:
    1.  Trace over a words using tracing paper.
    2.  Write each letter in a different color using crayons.
    3.  Draw a picture symbolinzing the word.
    4.  Use long clay strips and make each letter out of clay.
    5.  Trace the word in sand.
    6.  Use paint or water and paint the word.
    7.  Write the word on a chalkboard/whiteboard.
    8.  Type the word.
    9.  Cut up the word like a puzzle and put it back together.
    10.  Look through a paragraph in a newspaper or magazine; find and circle the word.
    11.  Use the word orally in as many sentences as possible.
    12.  Write the word on a piece of paper or index card; put in a file box and review it daily/weekly