• Tips to Help Your Child Become a Better Reader
    (And Love Books!)
    1. Set aside a special time for home reading everyday.
    2. Make reading time as pleasurable and comfortable as possible.
    3. Notice when your child seems to tire.  A book can always be finished the next day.
    4. Try different way of reading:
      1. Listen to you child read.
      2. Read to your child.
      3. Read along with your child.
      4. Have your child read silently and then share with you.
    5. Have your child predict what will happen next.
    6. After reading, talk about the story and illustrations.
    7. When you child gets stuck on a word:
      1. Wait for a while so they can think.
      2. Have them look at the picture for a clue.
      3. Remind the child to look at the first letter, read the line again and make a guess.
    8. Some things you can look and listen for when your child reads:
      1. Was the reading fluent or word-by-word?
      2. Does the child pay attention to punctuation?
      3. Do the errors make sense?
      4. Do the errors look like the word in the story?
      5. After an error, does the child self-correct or keep going?