Archery Equipment

  • These links will take you to the Genesis Archery site where you can purchase NASP approved equipment.

    NASP Approved Bow  You can design and purchase the only NASP approved Bow that can be used in Archery Club

    NASP Approved Arrows  These are the only arrows that you can use during Archery or any NASP Event.  To be used during an event the fletching must be marked with the archers initials.

    Bow Case  You can purchase a bow case from anywhere but if you purchase this one you know the bow and arrows will fit correctly and be protected.

    Site Window Stickers  If you purchase a bow that has a design such as the Camo design you will need to purchase these as well.  During competitions the archer will not be allowed to use their bow until this area is covered.  This is due to the fact that they could use the design as a site marker.

Genesis Original Bow
Genesis Arrows NASP Approved
Genesis Bow Case